BBELL LAVA CORE Filling Machine

Artículo No.: BM001
BBELL LAVA CORE handheld gun style 25ML 50ML Gun Temperature Control oil rapid filling machine for cartridges


BBELL LAVA CORE handheld semi automatic Temperature Control oil filling machine for .5ML 1.0ML vape cartridge 25ML 50ML Injection Gun filler




1.Using internal heating rod forheating

2.It is an exclusive patentdesign. After the heating rod is put into the tube, it can reach the settemperature only after several seconds, heat the liquid, and keep the constanttemperature effectively.

3.Design of larger oilinlet/outlet nozzle

4.The customized large caliberoil inlet/outlet nozzle makes the concentrated or thin liquid pass easily.

5.360° transparent tube wall

6.The all-round transparent tubewall is convenient for monitoring the status of liquid in the tube at any time


How to Use:

1.Take out the product andaccessories from the package, and prepare the concentrate/distillate withappropriate temperature.

2.Connect the oil gun to thetemperature control box, tighten and fix it.

3.Energize the temperaturecontrol box, and switch it on. The red light is always on.

4.Set the constant temperature(green value) on the panel of the temperature control box. The red value is thetemperature of the heating rod in the gun. When heating, the green light is on.

5.Press down the release key,hold the gun tube with one hand, and pull the push-pull rod with the other handto suck the concentrate/distillate into the gun tube.

6.Erect the oil gun, let thebubbles move to the top of the gun tube, and pull the handle to release thebubbles.

7.Install the pinhead well at thegun nozzle position, and get ready.


Note: Please do not make long heating under conditions of equipment idling.